Central Amherst Little League raises money through sponsorships to fund facility and league improvements and to establish collaborative relationships throughout our community. 

This year we are looking forward to hosting games 7 days a week for the 600+ families involved in our Little League, Challenger League and our travel baseball programs starting in April 2022.   And this year, we are excited to unveil our new clubhouse and pavilion, accessibility improvements, field upgrades and more!  These updates will bring more community exposure to our league and to your sponsorship. 


OUTFIELD FENCE BANNERS includes an 8’ wide x 3’ tall vinyl sign in full color.
NEW BANNERS: $400 for FIRST BANNER • $200 for ADDITIONAL BANNERS (1 for $400, 2 for $600, 3 for $800,
etc.) Cost of banner production is included.

RENEWALS: $300 for FIRST BANNER; $150 for ADDITIONAL BANNERS (to redisplay banners that were displayed
during 2021 season).
If your current banner needs to be replaced, add $75 for the cost of a new banner


FIELD NAME SPONSOR (6 options) (2 options left)
Includes naming rights to 1 or more of our 6 fields with a 3' x 5' banner on the backstop of that field for the
2022 Season

now $1,500 (was $2,500) per field – Majors (SOLD OUT), T-ball (SOLD OUT), or AA Sr Field (SOLD OUT) (fields
closest to the Wehrle Drive and our Clubhouse)

now $750 (was $1,750) - AAA Field
now $500
(was $1,000) per field - AA Jr or A-ball field (SOLD OUT)


Includes 2 - 2x4 banners hung on the front and side of our new clubhouse for the 2022 Season


PAVILION SPONSOR - now $1,500 (was $3,000)
Includes 2 - 2x4 banners hung on 2 sides of our new pavilion for the 2022 Season


Includes 1 - 2x4 banners hung on the side of our batting cage (facing Wehrle Drive) for the 2022 Season


ALL SPONSORSHIPS include special recognition on our website and social media for the 2022 Season

DEADLINE FOR SIGN-UP AND ARTWORK SUBMISSION: April 1, 2022 (extended to April 4, 2022)




To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the 2022 season or to become a sponsor, click on the link above and submit or contact Alison Mackey at  lisonlmackey@hotmail.com


The Clubhouse and Pavilion are a result of our capital campaign with the Town of Amherst and Erie County.  This venture has already received major community recognition and will continue to receive press this season.  This has the potential for significant high-profile recognition for your business.